A novel approach to securing the poultry industry’s future

What might psychology, the arts or geography have to offer the poultry industry? Australia’s producers are about to find out.

If you worry about the future of the poultry industry and its ability to continue feeding the world, then you may want to look at an event taking place in Australia at the end of March. It may provide exactly what's needed to ensure the sector's continued growth.

The Chook Chat Hack is calling on students enrolled in Australian universities to offer up their ideas to take the industry forward. By opening up to students from across disciplines, the event could be a hotbed of creativity, with fresh thinking coming from beyond traditional avenues.

Expert access

Organized by Australia’s Poultry Hub, the competition has been designed to see who can come up with the best idea for the future of the poultry industry.

Entrants are given some information about the sector along with the issues that it faces, and a few days to film themselves pitching their ideas. Teams of up to five people can register.

The online event, starting on March 28th, will run for five days. Over the first two, information will be given to help with the generation of ideas. On day three, entrants will have access to a poultry industry expert to further develop their ideas.

Days four and five, which have no official program, can be used to perfect pitches and to submit videos detailing ideas.

There are cash and other prizes available to winners but the ultimate winner from the event is likely to be the poultry industry, drawing on new, and fresh thinking from a group of young minds that will see the industry differently and may just have a revolutionary approach.

Par Mark Clements

Mark Clements is the editor of Poultry International. To contact Clements, email [email protected]

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Photo : Niftyart (Unsplash)