An inside look at Maple Leaf Foods' $772M London plant

Maple Leaf Foods has taken the wraps off London’s newest industry, and one of the most advanced food processing plants in Canada.

The massive poultry plant on Wilton Grove Road, just east of Highbury Avenue, boasts some of the most advanced food processing technology in the industry, company officials said as they opened the doors to a media tour on Thursday.

“I’m tremendously proud of this plant. I think it doesn’t happen very often. It’s once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” to build a plant from the ground up, said Lou Cappa, vice-president of operations for Maple Leaf.

“Everything we’ve done here is top-notch.”

Cappa toured other food processing plants globally. What he learned – from humane killing, to better working conditions for employees, improved health and safety standards and environmental sustainability – was brought here, he said.

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Par: Norman De Bono (22/07/2022)

Source: (The London Free Press)

Photo: Mike Hensen | The London Free Press (tirée de l'article original)