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Beyond Meat adds new products to Walmart stores

“We are thrilled by the continued growth with Walmart and the opportunity to offer Walmart customers increased accessibility to a larger selection of our delicious and better-for-you plant-based products,” said Chuck Muth, chief growth officer, Beyond Meat. “As more households continue to buy our products and buy them more frequently, we’re excited to satisfy the growing demand through increased product offerings and distribution.”

The company also said that the Cookout Classic will now be a permanent item offered to customers.

Beyond Meat binds plant-based proteins, fats and minerals to create a structure similar to beef or pork. The company uses no gluten, soy or bioengineered ingredients in its products.

The company also recently doubled its retail distribution for Beyond Breakfast Sausage, which includes Walmart. Beyond Meat said it is currently in about 28,000 retail locations in the United States.

Par Ryan McCarthy (09/03/2021)

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Photo : Beyond Meat (Tirée de l'article original)

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