Brazil’s pigmeat exports to top 1 million tonnes in 2020

Brazil is about to achieve the threshold of 1 million tonnes of exported pigmeat in 2020. The result is a new year record for the country’s swine sector.

According to the Brazilian Association for Animal Protein (ABPA), by the end of 2020 exports are likely to reach the level of 1.03 million tonnes, which would mean a year-on-year increase of 37%. In 2019, total shipments amounted to 750,000 tonnes.

Another threshold was already beaten between January and November. For the 1st time, Brazil’s pork exports exceeded the value of US$ 2 billion in a single year (US$ 2.079 billion), 47.1% more than the US$ 1.413 billion made in the same period at 2019. Not only Brazil’s pigmeat exports are record-breaking – so are the domestic production

African Swine Fever still boosts pigmeat exports Ricardo Santin, president of ABPA, analysed that African Swine Fever (ASF) continues to boost Brazil’s animal protein exports. He said, “Asian nations have consolidated their position as main importers of Brazil’s poultry and pork meat and were the main driver in both sectors this year.”

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Source : (Daniel Azevedo)