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Burger King promises upgraded chicken sandwich in 2021

Burger King will release an upgraded version of its chicken sandwich at locations across the country by May 2021, franchisee owner Carrols Corporation told investors.

The new sandwich has been in development for a while, according to Carols, which said it has been “very encouraged” by the feedback it has received in test markets.

The upgraded chicken sandwich features hand-breaded fresh, never frozen chicken covered in buffalo sauce and will be called the Spicy Hand-Breaded Crispy Chicken Sandwich, according to Burger Beast. The blogger sampled the new sandwich for $3.89 at a Burger King in Miami, Florida and called it “the best buffalo-style chicken sandwich on the market right now.”

Jose Cil, CEO Restaurant Brands International, the parent company of the quick service restaurant (QSR) chain, confirmed plans to debut the new chicken sandwich in 2021 during the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call on February 11.

Expanding chicken competition

Burger King joins competitors KFC and McDonald’s on the list of QSRs planning to debut new chicken sandwiches this year.

KFC calls their new offering their “best chicken sandwich ever.” The new KFC Chicken Sandwich contains a quarter pound of white meat fillet that is double-breaded, fried and served on a buttered brioche bun with thicker crinkle-cut pickles, topped with a choice of the Colonel’s real mayo or spicy sauce. The fillet is 25% larger than the one currently used in KFC chicken sandwiches and will be available nationwide by the end of February 2021.

It retails a la carte for $3.99 or as part of a combo meal with KFC Secret Recipe Fries and a medium drink for $6.99.

McDonald’s recently announced plans to debut a long-awaited and much anticipated line of chicken sandwiches on February 24. The line will feature a trio of chicken sandwiches: the Crispy Chicken Sandwich, the Spicy Chicken Sandwich and a Deluxe Chicken Sandwich. The suggested price of the Crispy Chicken Sandwich is $3.49 and the Deluxe version retails at $4.09.

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By Elizabeth Doughman

Elizabeth Doughman is the Managing Editor of Poultry Future. To contact Doughman, email [email protected]

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