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Canada increases pork exports to China and Vietnam

However, the growth in shipments to China seems to have been at the expense of other Asian markets, including Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

Canadian pork is rapidly recovering its market share in China. Pork exports for the first six months of the year were up 14% year-on-year, largely due to growth in shipments to China. Total exports for the period came to 688,300 tonnes, with shipments to China making up 45% of this volume. Exports also increased to the US, and notably to Vietnam.

Nevertheless, volumes exported to Mexico, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan were lower. "Recent, and anticipated, strength in exports to China may go some way to explaining recent growth in the Canadian breeding pig herd. On the other hand, the Canadian average pig price this summer was the lowest since 2009, influenced by higher throughputs (+4% for the year to mid-August) and coronavirus-related disruption. This would otherwise be expected to limit interest in herd expansion," believes Hannah Clarke, Livestock Analyst for AHDB.

According to Statistics Canada, the total number of pigs in the country at 1 July 2020 was stable compared to last year, at 14 million head. However, there was some growth in the breeding herd, up by 1.4%, with similar growth in the number of piglets under 7kg.

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