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Cherkizovo expects a 70% increase in exports

The difference is made by higher poultry shipments to Asia and the CIS.

Posted on Dec 07 ,08:44

Cherkizovo Group expects to see its total product exports hit 85,000 tonnes in 2020, up almost 70% y-o-y, according to preliminary results. As in 2019, chicken products continue to be the key driver behind this year’s growth, potentially reaching 63,000 tonnes (up 85% y-o-y) and accounting for about 74% of the Company's total exports.

“China has been the main export destination for our poultry products since 2019, and this year’s solid growth in chicken exports is largely attributable to the high level of sales we achieved in this market in 2020,” said Andrei Terekhin, Head of Industry Unions and Government Relations at Trading Company Cherkizovo. The range of chicken products we supply to China includes mostly chicken feet, wings, drumsticks and other cuts. The key buyers are major Chinese distributors and meat processors serving the country’s retail chains and foodservice providers.

In 2020, Cherkizovo Group also increased chicken supplies to the CIS and entered the promising Gulf market, making the first chicken shipments to the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

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