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Chicken & Turkey Situation (Urner Barry)

Chicken Situation

Tone: Gelatin Shots

Today's tone was selected to try and portray a market which has solidified in certain segments but remains a bit “wiggly” in others. There continues to be a strong sentiment as it focuses on wogs, and we could argue that breasts, front halves, and even some of the business being recorded as it relates to boneless skinless breasts, is indicative of a stronger midweek undertone.

Wogs and chickens were, without doubt, the most uniformly reviewed item on the sheet. Weather a buyer or a seller was interviewed, the responses all indicated an improving scenario, where a close but most often higher range of prices is being paid. This is largely being attributed to the seasonal enhancement of wog demand at retail and continued demand from fast food. Chickens are termed as being at least steady pending further developments.

The morning started with several players giving us indications related to underlying improvement to boneless skinless breasts. This is largely associated with jumbo product headed to manufacturers. Small and medium sized offerings reflect seasonal conditions, and the supply side standing is closely balanced. Tenders continue to be available with sellers unable to garner full market levels. An exception is for select tenders which, like select fronts and breasts, are short of full requirements. Breast trim and chunk meat is not being produced in the volumes necessitated by further processors and is keeping these lines well established. Jumbo and small wings continue to be uncovered, but as a rule jumbo is less prominent despite offerings of party wings which are not terribly challenging to uncover.

Today’s canvass involving back half items found similar traits in play, which lend a soft undertone to most bone-in and boneless back half offerings. Leg quarter stocks are visible and vocal while the response is muted, even at offered discounts. Thigh meat is still following a less than robust course. The balance seemed to have found a bit more stability and goes unchanged as our price reporting efforts continue into the afternoon.

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Turkey Situation

Tone: Elusive

For the third time in as many days, yesterday afternoon and this morning brought with it the same solid, unquestioning input that has been characterizing the turkey market much of the year. As the calendar creeps closer to Thanksgiving Day, the breadth of demand is narrower. Buyers have all but given up on their attempts to get whole bird hen requirements covered, and instead, largely focus on the business at hand, including the fulfillment of existing obligations. Breast meat and all raw materials, for that matter, reflect seasonally stout conditions which show no signs of diminishing in the immediate future. In the end, whole body turkeys, all sizes of bone in breasts, many of the tom parts and all raw materials reflect full steady to firm conditions.

With just over two weeks to go before Thanksgiving, buyers and sellers are doing the seasonal dance we expect during this time frame. We have thoroughly covered the supply situation in recent months. The demand situation is becoming more irregular, as players pause and gauge response to retail features. Consumer packaged breasts are mostly unavailable, while institutional breasts seem adequate for the current call.

Today’s canvas uncovered much the same situation which has been in play for parts in recent weeks. As recently acknowledged, premium level sales have influence on more immediate negotiations and it is not surprising to find parts very well situated, occasionally short, and commanding top dollar.

The calendar date would suggest that buyer interest in white meat would be diminished. However, in keeping with the years oddities, we continue to find willing participants who are unable to get their immediate and near future requirements fully covered. This week we find this to be the case on the domestic front more so than as it focuses on export dealings. With that said, last week’s export centric inquiries resulted in limited activity in a higher range of paid values. Domestic further processors are not shy about expressing ongoing interest, although they'd like the response to be different than the ones being received about short term supply being is very well cleared.

This situation has been brought to you by COMTELL. For more commentary and in-depth market information, subscribers should visit

Par : Russ Whitman (10/11/2021)

Source : COMTELL (Urner Barry)

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