China builds over 800 warehouses to test imported foods

China has built 869 warehouses for the centralized supervision of imported cold-chain foods, the country's market regulator said in an official government statement.

The warehouses will conduct unified disinfection and testing procedures for imported cold-chain foods, which can enter the market only after being certified at the warehouses, according to the State Administration for Market Regulation.

The warehouses will play an important role in cutting off potential COVID-19 transmission channels, facilitating the disposal of imported cold-chain foods in emergency cases and reducing costs, the administration said.

A national platform to trace imported cold-chain foods was put in operation in December 2020, involving key imported cold-chain foods such as livestock, poultry and aquatic products.

China has suspended trade with some countries, notably Australia, in recent years, due to a broad range of reasons including a belief that coronavirus can survive cold temperatures in imported refrigerated and frozen food products.

Par : Julie Larson Bricher (15/02/2022)

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