Exclusive app created for meat professionals

A new app launched in Spain is offering meat professionals associated with Carnimad the chance to better manage their time resources by enabling communication between them and suppliers. In its process of digitization as an organization, and also in its dual objective of creating technological tools that contribute to facilitating the daily work of the professionals that make up the specialized meat trade, as well as improving the flow of information, Carnimad has developed an Application for exclusive and free use for its associates, and for people who work in their companies.

"Among the many functionalities offered by the App (app.carnimad.es), the SELF-HYGIENIC-SANITARY CONTROL AGENDA stands out, the 2021 edition of which is already in digital version for the daily use of its professionals.

This document that has been occupying for more than a decade an essential position in the development of the butchery sector, helping them to comply not only with the legal health requirements but also to develop their professional activity in a safe way and with standardized quality procedures, now you will be much closer to them: just one click away," said the association in a press release.

With this launch, professionals from the specialized meat trade say goodbye to their Agenda on paper, and join together with Carnimad to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the 2030 Agenda; a project started last year and which confirms with this document in its digital version, since its dissemination online contributes to saving available natural resources, through the elimination of the paper of one of the documents most distributed annually among its group, as the Self-Control Agenda has been until now.

Another important resource found within the App is access to the specialized employment portal, through which associates can access to publish free job offers. In 2020, the portal registered the figure of 1,350 published offers, a figure that highlights the importance of the channel for the sector, as a vehicle for promoting quality employment and a springboard for generational change.

Finally, it should be noted from the app ) that either through its download on a mobile phone or on any other device, as well as in its desktop version, the professional will also be able to manage the time control of their equipment, communicate With your team and other professionals in the sector, access discounts and benefit from benefits through the Suppliers Club, and have a constant communication channel with Carnimad.

Source : euromeatnews.com

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