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Farmers devastated by B.C. floods return to gut-wrenching scenes

Despite losing thousands of animals, many farmers express gratitude to the volunteers who tried to save their farms and the kind strangers who have rallied behind them

Fields in Abbotsford, B.C., remained covered in water on Nov. 23, just over a week after the 'atmospheric river' dropped more than a month's worth of rain on southern B.C. in less than two days.

The young farmer and other staff had done their best to protect what they could when heavy rains began falling on Nov. 14, triggering massive flooding that would paralyze much of the province’s southern region. They prioritized their many hogs, moving them to higher ground.

But much of the Sumas Prairie on which his farm is located was completely submerged at the peak of the storm. Marks left on the side of a barn show floodwaters reached upward of two metres; Mr. Guliker’s dog was later rescued from the barn roof.

The farmer says he can’t estimate how many hogs he lost, but says that he returned to a gut-wrenching scene.

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Par : Andrea Woo et Ann Hui (24/11/2021)

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Photo : Jonathan Hayward/CP and Reuters (tirée de l'article du Globe and Mail)

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