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Global pig meat prices decline for sixth consecutive month

The FAO Meat Price Index averaged 111.3 points in December, marginally changed from November and 16.5 points (17.4 percent) above its year-earlier value. In December, poultry prices fell, primarily weighed by increased global exportable supplies, while ovine prices declined on increased supplies from Oceania.

Meanwhile, pig meat prices fell for the sixth consecutive month, though slightly, as the continued downward pressure stemming from the decline in Chinese imports was compensated by increased pre-Christmas sales in major producing countries.

In 2021, the FAO Meat Price Index averaged 107.6 points, up 12.1 points (12.7 percent) from 2020. Across the different categories, ovine meat registered the sharpest increase in prices, followed by bovine and poultry meats, while pig meat prices fell marginally.

Source : FAO via (11/01/2022)

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