Global pork export prices see third quarter rise

Following a steady decline across the first half of the year, global prices for internationally traded pork started to rise again in the third quarter, according to ADHB analyst Bethan Wilkins.

From the low point in July at US$2.59/kg, the average global export price reached US$2.71/kg in September, according to average export prices reported by the major trading regions.

“This was the highest monthly price since April and meant prices were back above the 5-year average for the time of year,” said Ms Wilkins, adding, however, that they remained below the highs recorded in 2019, though the difference narrowed somewhat.

Uplift in pork export prices during the third quarter of the year varied across the four main exporting regions.

Prices were highest for EU exports, averaging $2.99/kg in September, a 3% increase compared to July – a different trend to that seen in EU farmgate prices, which declined by 10% across the same three-month period.

The US export price showed less movement across the third quarter, reaching just $2.42/kg in September, less than 2% more than in July.

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