Grupo Kuo to invest $100 million in a new processing plant

The Mexican processor of pork intends to rebuild and expand its facility in Sahe, Yucatan Peninsula.

Grupo KUO, through Keken, a subsidiary specialized in the production and commercialization of pork, announces the investment of 2 billion pesos ($100 million) for the reconstruction of the processing plant in the community of Sahe, Yucatan.

With this investment, more than 2,000 direct jobs and more than 7,000 indirect jobs will be created, favoring the development of the communities in the southeast of the country, according to a press release from the company.

This plant will boost production capacity, increasing the supply of processed products in the company's network of more than 500 stores, as well as the export offer to different countries in Asia and America.

"With this important announcement, we consolidate our position as the largest producer of pork in the country and reaffirm our commitment to creating value in conjunction with our stakeholders. This investment reiterates the confidence in the model and in the business opportunities," declared Alejandro de la Barreda, CEO of Grupo Kuo.

"The new plant in Sahe means more jobs, confidence in the future and better opportunities for the communities of the state of Yucatan. Our priority is, and will continue to be, to offer food of the highest quality", added Claudio Freixes, CEO of Keken. Mexico has reduced its pork imports over the last 2 years while increasing pork output due to increased demand from Asian states.

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