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Humane Group: White striping found in 99% of retail chicken

The vast majority of chicken sold at supermarkets in the U.S. is impacted by white striping, claims a new report from the Humane League.

The Humane League report analyzed the meat cases of 16 major supermarket chains across 29 U.S. states, revealing white striping in all but 1% of the chicken inventory. In addition, moderate-to-severe striping was found in 70% of the chicken packages assessed, the animal rights group claimed.

Walmart, BJ’s and Meijer had the highest prevalence of white striping, according to the report.

"The fact that 99% of all store-brand chicken sold in major supermarkets contains the white striping disease should raise alarm bells for consumers everywhere,” said David Coman-Hidy, President of The Humane League. “This disease is a visual reminder of the terrible suffering of these weeks-old animals and the control that these factory farms have over our food supply. It’s nearly impossible for Americans to find an alternative to this diseased meat.”

The industry responds

The National Chicken Council refuted the claims made by the Humane League, calling it “a non-scientific report being pushed by a vegan-advocacy group.”

“Research has shown that only 3–6% of birds in commercial flocks have severe cases of white striping. In most cases, severe white striped chicken meat is used in further processed products and not sold in retail as boneless, skinless breast. So, when consumers purchase meat at the store, the meat does not have white striping,” Tom Super, spokesman for the National Chicken Council, said in an e-mailed statement to

White striping, one of the most common muscle tissue defects in broilers, makes white striations appear in the breast meat. Breast meat from birds with the disease is still nutritious, however consumers do not typically like how it tastes.

Breast meat with the muscle tissue defect is typically sent to rendering for use in animal feed or used in further processed products, such as chicken sausages or all-chicken hot dogs.

Par Elizabeth Doughman (21/09/2021)

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Photo : Andrea Gantz (tirée de l'article original)

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