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Industry Snapshot: Canadian turkey industry tops $366 million

With the holiday season upon us, the festive bird adorns many dinnertime centerpieces in households across the country.

According to the latest report by the Turkey Farmers of Canada, Canadians consume over 143 million kilograms (kg) of turkey meat annually enough for 3.8 kg per person. The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays account for nearly 80% of the nation’s whole turkey purchases with 5.4 million birds sold at retailers across the country during the season.

Turkey is a major economic producer in Canada with nearly 25 federally inspected plants and hatcheries producing over 157 million kg of turkey meat. Canada exports 24.9 million kg of turkey meat while importing only 3.1 million with the industry valued at $366 million annually.

From coast to coast, UFCW Canada members proudly make a wide range of delicious turkey products, at companies like Exceldor, Flamingo, Granny’s, Lilydale, Olymel, Maple Leaf, Sofina, and Spécialités Prodal, among others.

To learn more about the amazing turkey products made by UFCW members throughout the country, and other UFCW-made food, visit our Great Canadian Food Products page.

Source : (07/10/2021)

Image : tirée de l'article original

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