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Lightlife (Maple Leaf) Debuts National Campaign, ‘Simple Ingredients for a Full Life’

Lightlife®, owned by Greenleaf Foods, SPC, today unveiled a new integrated marketing campaign that illustrates the company’s belief in simple, delicious, plant-based food. The 30-second spots, aptly named “Thrive” and “Inside,” will air across a variety of television, online video and social channels in North America, and feature the distinctive voice of award-winning actor Awkwafina. Set against breathtaking nature scenes, the films encapsulate Lightlife’s ethos in living well, eating clean, and keeping things simple.

“At Lightlife, we believe that eating delicious, clean food and keeping things simple are the keys to living well,” said Adam Grogan, Chief Operating Officer for Greenleaf Foods, SPC. “Things like nature, friends, laughing and good, clean food help us thrive and leave us fulfilled—that’s the spirit of ‘Simple Ingredients for a Full Life.’”

Representing Lightlife’s larger philosophy that plant-based food should be simple and not compromise on taste, the campaign establishes the parallels between life’s simple pleasures and the ingredients that Lightlife believes plant-based food should be made with: clean, simple and always delicious. The calming, creative approach is uniquely juxtaposed with Awkwafina’s powerful narration to motivate people to choose Lightlife’s food on their quests for a full life.

Lightlife Transforms its Delicious Plant-Based Portfolio

The Lightlife campaign is supported by one of the largest media investments in company history and follows a year-long effort by Lightlife to transform its portfolio by cleaning up its ingredient labels. Lightlife, a carbon neutral company, is committed to delivering better-tasting plant-based protein options with cleaner, recognizable ingredients, easy-to-understand nutritional claims and a transparent production process.

“We want to empower people to focus their energy on the joys of eating by offering balance and choice through naturally delicious ingredients, served with transparency,” added Dan Curtin, President of Greenleaf Foods.

Lightlife offers more vegan-certified and non-GMO plant-based protein products than top competitors, including burgers, hot dogs, grounds, tempeh, sausages, deli meats and more. In the last 12 months, the brand has reinvented its portfolio by removing unnecessary ingredients and raising the bar for other brands in the category to do the same. It also introduced two first-of-its-kind plant-based products: Plant-Based Chicken Tenders and Plant-Based Chicken Fillets—the first fresh, breaded plant-based chicken products designed to be sold alongside fresh meat, offering the authentic taste, breaded crunch and pull-apart texture of traditional breaded chicken.

Source : Lightlife via Foodmarket newsletter (Urner Barry) (21/09/2021)

Photo : Lightlife (tirée de l'article de Foodmarket)

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