Maple Leaf Foods CEO won't go entirely meatless

Maple Leaf Foods may have acquired two plant-based protein companies in recent years, but the head of the Canadian processor “definitely” will never go meatless for his own diet.

The company — which owns the Lightlife and Field Roast alternative protein companies — is sees growth of its plant-based operations as an important part of its future, although CEO Michael McCain also told the Toronto Star that he believes deeply in the future of the meat protein business. The animal-based meat industry should move into “a different future” because of sustainability needs, but meat protein will be a part of Maple Leaf’s future, McCain added.

The effects of greenhouse gases and the reinvigoration of regenerative agriculture activity — which he says can sequester carbon emissions — could materially alter all food and agribusiness companies in the future, he said.

As for his own diet, McCain also told the paper he eats a combination of meat and plant protein, but insisted that he would never move toward a 100% meatless diet in the future.

Par Chris Scott (06/09/2021)

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Photo : tirée de l'article du Toronto Star