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Maple Leaf Foods plans on-site vaccine clinics at 4 Ontario plants

Maple Leaf Foods is planning its first on-site vaccine clinics in collaboration with the Peel Region Public Health Authority and the province of Ontario, the company said Friday.

Subject to vaccine availability, Maple Leaf said it expects employees at its four plants in the Peel Region (Brampton, Walker Road, Courtney Park and Canning) to be able to receive vaccinations on-site as early as this week. Participation in the clinics will be voluntary, the company said, but it is encouraging everyone who hasn't already received a vaccine to participate.

Employees at the company’s Viau plant in Montreal may also access vaccines through a mobile clinic run by local public health officials, Maple Leaf said in a press release.

The processor said all of its plants continue operating, and it hope the clinics are the start of more widespread vaccination opportunities for employees and other essential workers in Canada, because it believes on-site vaccinations will be one of the most effective and efficient approaches to advance the Canadian vaccination program.

Par Susan Kelly (26/04/2021)

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Photo : Capture d'écran - Site Internet Maple Leaf Foods

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