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Maple Leaf is the most trusted brand for fresh chicken in Canada

A recent market research survey from BrandSpark International revealed that Maple Leaf is the most trusted brand for fresh chicken in Canada, while Burnbrae is the country’s most trusted egg brand.

According to a press release from BrandSpark International, the 2021 winners, announced on March 2, were named following a survey of 18,222 Canadian shoppers.

“With the pandemic and fragile economy, consumers are more cautious about what they are bringing into their homes,” said Robert Levy, president and CEO of BrandSpark International. “So, right now, building a bridge of trust is more important than ever for brands. The BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards seal has been a visual reminder of that trust for 8 years. It underscores that other shoppers trust the brand and helps build trust with new consumers as well as remind their current consumers when faced with alternative brand choices.”

The survey research showed that Canadians placed more importance on product origin than they did in previous years, which benefitted companies such as Maple Leaf Foods and Burnbrae Farms. The press release also noted that Maple Leaf benefitted from the trend of consumers taking a more engaged look at companies that offer health options.

Regarding other animal protein products, Johnsonville was voted as the most trusted sausage brand, while Jack Link’s was the most trusted jerky.

Burnbrae Farms, according to the Top Companies Database, is Canada’s largest table egg producer. The company has four farms and seven grading stations. The company’s brands include Burnbrae, Naturegg, Egg Creations, Prestige, and Super Bon-ee.

Maple Leaf Foods, according to its website, is a producer of food products under leading brands including Maple Leaf, Maple Leaf Prime, Maple Leaf Natural Selections, Schneider's, Schneiders, Country Naturals, Mina, Greenfield Natural Meat Co., Lightlife, Field Roast Grain Meat Co. and Swift. Maple Leaf employs approximately 13,000 people and does business in Canada, the U.S. and Asia. The company is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario.

Par Roy Graber (10/03/2021)

Roy Graber is a senior reporter at WATT Global Media. Contact Graber via email at [email protected]

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Photo : Capture d'écran (Site Internet Maple Leaf Foods)

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