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Meat industry groups launch online deli meat ‘tournament’

Two leading protein industry organizations are teaming up on a contest using the video sharing social networking service TikTok to spotlight the versatility of deli meat.

The North American Meat Institute (NAMI) and the National Pork Board are co-sponsoring the campaign, which will feature leading TikTok chefs and nutrition influencers promoting the use of deli meats beyond sandwiches and lunch. The so-called Deli Dinner Showdown also will offer fans the opportunity to select their favorite teams in what the groups describe as a “tournament-structured event,” according to their news release announcing the program.

The campaign is linked to National Deli Meat Month and will provide a $100 cash prize to those who correctly predict the winning bracket in the showdown, the groups said. TikTok foodies can access additional information about deli meats here.

Par Chris Scott (30/03/2021)

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Photo : Frank Zhang (Unsplash)

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