Most Canadians suspect grocery stores trying to profit off inflation

Soaring prices are forcing Canadians to cut their spending and any trust they had in grocery stores is eroding quickly amid inflation.

According to the latest data from the Angus Reid Institute, four-in-five Canadians say they have reorganized their spending and trimmed various expenses to make ends meet in recent months.

This includes tightening their discretionary budget, delaying a major purchase, driving less, scaling back travel and donations, or deferring saving for the future.

“This represents an increase from the three-quarters (74%) who said so in February,” reported Angus Reid.

But this isn’t all.

The pressures of inflation have also pushed four-in-five Canadians (78%) to believe that grocery stores are taking advantage of inflation to make more profit. Barely one in 10 think the spike in margins is due to “good management” by grocery chains.

Source: (22/08/2022)


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