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National Chicken Council refutes vegan group’s chicken ‘white striping’ claims

The National Chicken Council (NCC) is refuting a report by the Humane League that claimed 99% of chicken sold at retail has white striping, which the vegan-advocacy group characterized as “widespread disease.”

The Humane League conducted a study of chicken breast fillets at 16 top supermarkets to examine the prevalence of white striping, which the group called a muscle disease “reported” to impact 50% to 96% of “fast-growing” chickens.

The study claims to have found that:

• 99% of packages had one breast or more affected by white striping;

• All 16 supermarkets had white striping in their store-brand chicken breast fillets; and

• Walmart, BJ’s, and Meijer had the most white striping prevalence, with 93%, 87%, and 85%, respectively.

But the NCC was quick to refute Humane League’s claims, first calling the group’s study non-scientific and explaining that white striping is not a disease.

“[I]t is a quality factor in chicken breast meat caused by deposits of fat in the muscle during the bird’s growth and development,” spokesman Tom Super said in an emailed statement. “It is not a food safety issue, nor does it affect the welfare of the birds.”

Furthermore, Super noted, research (Petracci et al, 2013; Lorenzi et al, 2014) has shown that only 3% to 6% of birds in commercial flocks have severe cases of white striping.

“In most cases, severe white striped chicken meat is used in further processed products and not sold in retail as boneless, skinless breast,” Super said. “So, when consumers purchase meat at the store, the meat does not have white striping.”

Par Tom Johnston (22/09/2021)

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Image : tirée du site Internet du National Chicken Council

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