National Hot Dog Day – An opportunity to buy local and support union-made

National Hot Dog Day falls on July 21 this year, providing Canadians with an opportunity to buy local and support union-made products.

Across North America, more than 7 billion hotdogs will be consumed between Victoria Day and Labour Day, making these products one of the most popular summer delights. In fact, according to Nielsen MarketTrack, the retail market for hot dogs in Canada alone is nearly $1 billion.

Whether you like all-beef, pork, chicken, or smoked hot dogs, or are more of a sausage or corn dog person, National Hot Dog Day is the ideal time to savour delicious, Canadian-made hot dogs and sausages.

Below is a list of just some of the hot dog and sausage products that UFCW Canada members proudly make every day:

Dalisa Sausages

F. Ménard Sausages

Fletcher’s Sausages & Smoked Sausages

Freybe Sausages

Freybe Smokies & Wieners

Grimm's European Wieners & Smokies

Grimm's Sausages

La Fernandière Sausages

Lafleur Smoked Wieners

Lester’s Hot Dogs

Maple Leaf Hot Dogs

Maple Lodge Farms Chicken Wieners

Olymel Wieners & Hot Dogs

Piller’s Sausage

POGO Corn Dogs<

To learn more about other amazing food produced by UFCW Canada members from coast to coast, visit our Great Canadian Food Products page

Source : (21/07/2021)

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