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Odd Burger Launches Preposterous Foods in Partnership with Sysco

Odd Burger has launched a line of vegan products under the brand Preposterous Foods in partnership with Sysco, which provides the brand with more than 330 distribution facilities worldwide.

The initial launch features 10 products, including a chickUN burger, meatless wings, ground meat, gyro meat, breakfast sausage, dairy-free ranch dressing, honey-mustard sauce, tzatziki sauce, eggless mayo and dairy-free cheese sauce.

“It may seem preposterous, but indulgent food can be healthy, and healthy food can be indulgent,” says James McInnes, co-founder and CEO, Odd Burger. “Thanks to new innovations and upgrades in our manufacturing facility, we’re now able to produce plant-based proteins and other treats at scale for broader distribution, and bring utterly Preposterous Foods to a bigger market.”

Source : Kostuch Media Ltd. via (23/02/2022)

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