Olymel will divert company hogs

Olymel’s hog production division that supplies the Red Deer, Alberta plant will move a substantial amount of company-owned production to the U.S. to create enough plant capacity for all independent hog producers affected by the plant closure from a COVID outbreak.

“The temporary shutdown of Olymel’s hog slaughtering, cutting and deboning plant in Red Deer is affecting the many Albertan hog producers, including Olymel’s company-owned farms that ship market hogs to Red Deer on a weekly basis. The company understands the strain this has put on their operations as we estimate the backlog to be approximately 80-90,000 animals,” it said.

The company has implemented several strategies to mitigate the impact as much as possible including a clear path to reducing the backlog as quickly as possible.

By diverting hogs to the U.S., Olymel anticipates that the backlog of market-ready hogs will be cleared up within 4-5 weeks after the plant is able to resume activities.

Source : thesudburystar.com

Photo : Archives The Sudbury Star