Ontario seeking to trap group of wild pigs spreading east of Toronto

Ontario is working on trapping a group of wild pigs that was sighted east of Toronto before it spreads and devastates the local wildlife and ecosystems.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry says the group was first seen in the Pickering area on Nov. 5 and there were several additional sightings of the same group in the area since then.

A spokeswoman says the wild pigs appear to be Eurasian wild boar, based on their appearance.

Morgan Kerekes says the ministry staff have been attempting to "trap and remove" the group since they were reported.

She says wild pigs are not native to Ontario and they could negatively impact Ontario's agriculture sector and devastate its ecosystem.

Wild pigs have high reproductive potential and spread rapidly, which means they will compete with local wildlife for food, water and space.

Source : The Canadian Press via cbc.ca (16/11/2021)

Photo : Mary Delaney (tirée de l'article original)