Pork, poultry, turkey availability should climb in 2023: USDA

U.S. consumers can expect to see greater availability of pork, broiler meat and turkey next year, but less beef than this year’s supply, according a USDA projection.

Pork consumption is expected to rise by about one pound per person next year, while consumers are expected to eat about a half pound of broiler meat more per person next year. Beef per capita consumption, however, is expected to decline by nearly three pounds per person in 2023, the report from USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS) said.

The pork forecast is based on anticipated ample supplies of slaughter-ready hogs combined with higher year-over-year average dressed weights to increase production, ERS noted. The poultry estimate is based on favorable hatchery data and lower expected forecasts for exported U.S. poultry. Beef production in early 2023 is expected to be slightly higher than in early 2022, but red meat consumption is expected to decrease as lower beef supplies are offset by an increase in projected pork production.

USDA calculates per capita meat consumption as a residual measure of supply (production, beginning stocks, imports, etc.) divided by the total U.S. population. Per capital consumption factors in trade, but it largely reflects domestic supplies, ERS added.

Par: Chris Scott (19/09/2022)

Source: meatingplace.com

Photo: rawpixel.com