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Pork - the most produced meat in the world

This year, global pork production is set to surpass chicken meat, according to USDA. Pork is to gain the title of the most produced meat in the world in 2021, according to a USDA outlook. The preliminary results of the USDA for the past year indicate that of the total volume of the three types of meat produced worldwide - just over 258 million tonnes - chicken accounted for about 39% of the total, pork for 38% and beef for 23%). Nevertheless, as demand for pork is increasing in Asia due to the ASF crisis, 2021 is going to be "the Year of the Pig" in terms of production and consumption estimates USDA.

Increased production is going to be seen in Brazil (3%), China, where a herd rebuilding phase is ongoing and the US, who hopes to capitalize on pig meat demand in Asia.

In any case, the presence of pork in the first place is temporary. For, as the USDA data points out, even before the outbreak of African Swine Fever, the product had been registering an annual evolution lower than that of chicken meat.

Between 2011 and 2017, for example, in the face of an expansion of 19% in chicken meat (average of 2.5% per year), pork registered an increase of less than 9% (average just over 1% per year).

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