Poultry Week in Review (Urner Barry)

Many key lines in the chicken complex continued to feel downward pressure this week as supply outweighed demand.

Whole chickens and WOGs were included and saw their ask prices begin to lower, particularly in the larger weight classes. Jumbo boneless, tenders, and jumbo wings all continue to be offered at a discount as buyers remain mostly hand to mouth. As for the back half, legs, thighs and leg quarters remain mostly humdrum. Leg and thigh meat appears on the spot market at sharp discounts with regularity. MSC continues to feel seasonal pressure.

Whole-body toms and hens, along with consumer-sized breast offerings continue to be tight and the recipient of active buying interest. Institutional-sized breasts are a bit easier to uncover but still fielding steady values. As for parts, frozen tom drums, necks, and two joints remain in high demand and rated full steady. The same can be said for gizzards. The balance of parts is mostly uneventful and rated steady. In raw materials, tom, hen, and breeder breast meat saw higher values this week. Tenders and scapula are likewise getting interest at premium price points. MST demand varies as seasonal influences take hold, but overall steady values continue to be attained.

Par : Matt Busardo (22/10/2021)

Source : Foodmarket Newsletter (Urner Barry)

Photo : Engin Aky (pexels.com)