Consumer Reports: plant-based analogues don't deliver

A new guide from Consumer Reports concluded that plant-based meat analogues currently on the market are falling short in terms of taste. Of the 32 plant-based analogues the testers tried, they agreed there were palatable options in each category but many of the offerings weren't up to par.

"Among the burgers, Impossible and Beyond’s were the most meatlike," according to the report. "Impossible’s Chicken Nuggets came 'closest to tasting like a typical chicken nugget,' and MorningStar Farm’s Veggie Chik’n Strips shredded like chicken breast."

The testers also called out Beyond Meat’s breakfast and sweet Italian sausages, MorningStar’s breakfast links, Gardein’s fish-and-chip-style fillets and Good Catch’s patties as being among the more realistic analogues. Testers also enjoyed the flavor of Boca’s All American Veggie Burgers and Quorn’s Meatless Nuggets, although they noted that neither of them really came close to the flavor of their traditional counterpart.

Each of the options Consumer Reports tested failed the "price" test, with some entries costing as much as four times more, pound for pound, than traditional meat. Most of the plant-based offerings tested also didn't stand out as nutritionally equivalent.

Par : Melissa Sue Sorrells (06/28/2022)

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Photo : Gregory Reid (tirée de l'article The Meat Lover's Guide to Plant-Based Meat)