Tyson to implement new animal welfare system

Tyson Foods said it will begin integrating a new animal welfare assessment framework known as the Five Domains across its global operations.

The Five Domains model, as devised by Professor David Mellor of New Zealand's Massey University and colleagues, focuses on the promotion of positive mental states across four assessment areas -- nutrition, physical environment, health and behavior -- that collectively contribute to the fifth domain, which is the mental state of the animal.

Tyson's adoption of the Five Domains system is part of its commitment to drive continuous improvement in its animal welfare practices through research, learning and the evolution of ideas, the protein giant said in a press release.

Tyson said it acknowledges the importance of the Five Freedoms welfare framework: freedom from hunger and thirst; freedom from discomfort; freedom from pain, injury or disease; freedom to express normal behavior; and freedom from fear and distress in the development of its animal welfare approach. The company said it made the strategic decision to transition from the Five Freedoms to the Five Domains last year and is now moving ahead with widescale integration of the platform across its businesses.

Tyson has an external Animal Welfare Advisory Panel made up of 13 external subject matter experts, an internal Global Animal Welfare Council and 54 specially trained animal welfare specialists who are dedicated to promoting the importance of animal welfare across the company, maintaining standards and directly facilitating improvements. More information on Tyson's animal welfare and sustainability practices can also be found here.

Par Susan Kelly (19/07/2021)

Source : meatingplace.com

Image : Site Internet Tyson Foods