United Kingdom seeks to reduce meat consumption

The United Kingdom will accelerate its carbon emissions reduction target, including measures such as reducing meat and dairy consumption.

New climate change commitments, recently announced by the UK Government, involve a potential 78% reduction in emissions by 2035, bringing the UK's current emissions reduction target forward by 15 years.

The measures envisaged to achieve this target include: the expansion of electric cars and low carbon heating; and reducing meat and dairy consumption.

The Climate Change Committee states that meat consumption should be reduced by up to a third. This public body, which does not depend on any Ministry, recommends reducing consumption by 9% by 2025, 20% by 2030, and 35% by 2050.

Although the agriculture sector has welcomed the new measures to combat climate change, some groups disagree with the proposal regarding meat consumption. The charity Sustainable Food Trust, which advocates for sustainable food systems, believes that stopping meat consumption "is not the answer". What should be done is to buy local British meat that is sustainably produced and meets stringent animal welfare requirements. The organization points out that grass-fed livestock, in rotation with crops, is part of the solution to climate change, as it contributes to soil health and carbon sequestration. It therefore makes sense that sustainable meat consumption is a key part of emissions reduction planning.

April 29, 2021/ Boletín de Noticias del Exterior-MAPA/ Spain.


Source : pig333.com

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