United Pork America's launches the debate of the century

A unique and unprecedented event, which will debate the topic 'THINKING ABOUT THE FUTURE PORK INDUSTRY!', from April 18 to 20, 2022, will be staged at Hyatt Regency Hotel in Orlando, Florida (USA).

United Pork America's launches the debate of the century

Open an entirely new frontier of debates on technologies to improve the pork production chain, the most consumed meat to date on the entire planet. And take to the largest world economy the expertise of twenty years of organizing nine international PorkExpo congresses, meetings held in Brazil since 2002 that brought together over 150 thousand professionals, researchers, producers and executives from almost fifty countries.

These are the two main proposals involving United Pork America's, a unique and unprecedented event, which will debate the topic 'THINKING ABOUT THE FUTURE PORK INDUSTRY!', from April 18 to 20, 2022, with the sophisticated stage Hyatt Regency Hotel in Orlando, Florida (USA).

The program of lectures, meetings and debates is being organized by two of the sector's greatest specialists, Osler Desouzart and Glauber Machado, internationally recognized professionals in the world protein market. The first corporations operating in the production chain in several countries have already reserved their space at the Business and Technology Fair and the event organizers are concluding partnerships with the Brazilian media that will promote and cover United Pork America´s.

Strong competition

America is a power producer and consumer of protein. There are almost twenty million tons of pork leaving the farms every year, exports of more than 5 million tons and a market that reaches 5 million tons and over 500 million consumers. The American continent faces strong competition from two regions that have been referenced in the supply of meat for hundreds of years: China and the European countries. However, it offers a highly sophisticated level in the means of production and a protein entirely free from the main diseases that affect the international swine industry, mainly the African Swine Fever (ASF). And with the capacity to serve all regions of the world with incomparable prices and quality, growing its trade in African, Asian, European countries and Japan.

This challenge took on a gigantic dimension with the Covid-19 pandemic. The year 2020 definitely marked the history of humankind. It has practically paralyzed all economies on the planet, killed hundreds of thousands of people and contaminated millions on each of the five continents. And it definitely underscored the importance of the quality and safety of food for the health of the more than seven billion inhabitants of the Earth. This is how the idea for United Pork America's was born, a new business space based in the United States to strengthen the American continent as a producer and supplier of sustainable and quality pork for the entire planet. The objective is to promote unity and cooperation among all the countries of the Continent, so that together they can continuously invest in health, a free trade area, technology exchange and information. And definitively place America at the center of discussions on the things that transform the International Meat Market: Climate Change, Big Data, Logistics, Food Security, Health Crises, Consumer Demands, Sustainability, Alternative and Artificial Proteins, Commodities, Animal Welfare, Quality, Origin, the end of the Age of Antibiotics and Growth Promoters.

A new action in the world of pork

The Congress follows the winning guidelines that marked the nine editions of the 'PorkExpo & International Swine Industry Congress', held in Brazil, the largest meeting of the sector in the world, also organized by the same entrepreneurs of United Pork America's. Space for business exchange, debates, knowledge, socializing, gastronomy, product launches, music shows and marketing actions. Open to researchers, breeders, farmers, cooperatives, agro-industries, entrepreneurs, consultants, class associations, technicians, specialized and mainstream media, influencers, decision-makers, teachers, students, executives and industry professionals.

"2020 and 2021 caused and cause a temporary and necessary stop after all the facts that involved the pandemic. The whole world is hoping that 2021 will be marked by the mass vaccination of the inhabitants and the expected control of the disease. For we will take the opportunity of the year 2022 to launch a new action in the world of pork, now in the United States, the second-largest producer of protein in the world and leader in exports. And consecrate next year as the new Era of Pork in the Americas. The good and safe food demanded by the populations joining two extremes, from Argentina to Alaska. We wait for everyone there", invites Flávia Roppa, Executive, Marketing Woman, Safeway CEO and United Pork America's President.

Source : euromeatnews.com