What a Biden administration means for broiler markets

For now, don't expect big changes in trade policy in 2021. More changes could come after years of stability.

Americans picked a new president in November 2020. The Biden Administration will differ in rhetoric but will likely be similar to the previous administration when it comes to trade policies.

In a WATT Poultry Chat interview, Mark Jordan, executive director of LEAP Market Analytics, shared recent data on the international broiler trade and his predictions for President-elect Joe Biden's trade policies.

Austin Alonzo: Mark, I understand this week you really wanted to talk about the boiler trade and how it might be affected by the recent election in the United States?

Mark Jordan: We'll jump right in. We had a data point from last week, an update on U.S. broiler exports for September, and I thought the number was pretty strong, fairly encouraging for the sector, 618 million pounds in September, and that was about a 7% increase year over year. And if you look year to date, U.S. broiler exports are about three and a half percent ahead of the 2019 pace.

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Source : wattagnet.com